4 things to do after an accident

Following this simple to-do list for what to do after an accident can help keep a bad situation from getting worse. Consider keeping a copy of this list in your glove compartment with your proof of insurance so it’s handy if you ever need to use it. Hopefully, you never will.

1.Warn other drivers and call for help.

If possible, move your car out of traffic. Contact the police if you’re dealing with substantial damage or if anyone is injured.
2.Call DG Collision Center.
If your car needs to be towed away, the DG Collision Center will make the necessary arrangements. They can even work directly with your insurance company, if you decide to make a claim, and with the rental car company, if needed.

3.Exchange information.
Get the name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number and insurance information from the other driver(s). Also, get the names and phone numbers of witnesses and anyone with injuries.
4.Take notes.
Draw a diagram showing the positions of the cars. If you have a camera, take photos.