The Repair Process
Step 1: Decide who will be paying for the repair:

  • Your insurance company
  • Yourself
  • Another party involved or their insurance

Step 2: Contact the insurance company that will be handling the claim and get the claim number, adjuster’s name and contact information (if using an insurance company).
Step 3: Make an appointment to have the vehicle brought to the repair facility of your choice for a written estimate. Tow services are available and only one estimate is required by law.
Step 4: Once the written estimate is completed, you will be scheduled for repairs. Parts will be ordered, rental vehicle arrangements will be made, and the insurance issues will be addressed (if applicable).
Step 5: Once your vehicle is dropped off for repair, the repair process will begin.
Step 6: Your vehicle will be cleaned and thoroughly inspected before the repairs are started.
Step 7: Repairs will be started for your vehicle’s damage by our trained, knowledgeable, and experienced staff to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.
Step 8: Upon completion of the repair process, your vehicle will again be thoroughly inspected for quality, safety, fit, and function.
Step 9: After the final inspection, your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned for your convenience.
Step 10: Once your vehicle is cleaned and has passed our high standards inspection, you will be notified by one of our staff as to when the vehicle will be ready to pick up.
Step 11: At the time of vehicle pick up, you will need to have arranged for payment to the shop. If a deductible applies it will be collected at this time. We can help you finance the deductible, if that is necessary. If an insurance check has been issued, it will also be collected at this time.
Step 12: One of our expert staff will review your vehicle and the final repair invoice with you. Now, you are back on the road.

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