Quality is not by chance, but by choice!

We respect the investment you have in your car. For most Texans, a car is an important and valuable part of everyday life. This is why we go to such lengths to provide quality parts, paint, equipment, and workmanship.

  • A detailed checklist is used to analyze the damage to your auto, while a close, personal inspection is conducted. Using this information, we provide you with a comprehensive report of apparent damage. You can rely upon this damage appraisal to provide us with a blueprint to return your vehicle to its original condition. Our estimators have years of experience working with insurance companies and will assist you in any way possible.
  • Since the 1990s…over 90% of cars and light trucks being built will be of unibody design. Unlike the old body-on-frame models, unibodies must be repaired with expensive hi-tech equipment, even if the damage is minor. This equipment must be operated by highly-trained technicians. Equipment and training are expensive, but we have made the necessary investment to properly repair your vehicle. Our shop is among a small number of technically advanced shops capable of restoring unibody cars to factory specifications … reassuring you of a quality repair to your vehicle.
  • Most of today’s modern automobiles are of uni-body construction. Unibody repairs need special equipment, operated by journeyman technicians. Our technicians use only the finest material and equipment. Each vehicle is repaired to factory specifications on our State-of-the-Art collision repair system. The proper repair of unseen damage is critical to the safety and performance of any vehicle. Many auto manufacturers specifically state that specialized unibody repair equipment be used in their repair for the ultimate in safety and handling performance.